Category Archive In order to comply with fire safety what should the maximum height of the merchandise


In order to comply with fire safety what should the maximum height of the merchandise

Content on InventoryOps. When companies think about warehouse fire safety, they usually think of compliance to fire codes and OSHA regulations. While compliance is a good starting point and is obviously mandatorythere is more to warehouse fire safety than compliance.

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Below are a few misconceptions about warehouse fire safety. As much as we all talk about safety coming first, safety projects rarely rate high on our prioritized project lists.

And certainly most companies can operate under these conditions and never have a serious fire.

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Unfortunately, some companies will have a serious fire and the difference between a small financial loss and a catastrophic loss with the potential for loss of life will come down to the level of fire safety knowledge and the application of that knowledge to warehouse design and operational practices. Fire inspections can vary significantly from one jurisdiction to another and from one inspector to another. An inspector in a primarily residential community will likely not be as knowledgeable in the codes related to high-piled storage as an inspector in an industrial area.

Generally, fire inspections are looking for housekeeping-type hazards such as blocked exits, blocked aisles, damaged sprinkler systems, missing or neglected fire extinguishers and exit lights, accumulations of flammable debris, or misuse of electrical equipment such as extension cords.

And when is the last time you volunteered to give unsolicited information during an inspection.

in order to comply with fire safety what should the maximum height of the merchandise

To use traffic laws as an analogy, just because you are obeying traffic laws does not mean that you will not get into an accident. The same is true of fire codes; they are designed to reduce the opportunities for fires to start, reduce the opportunities for fires to spread, provide for evacuation of occupants, and provide access for fire fighters to extinguish the fire.

Sprinkler systems are engineered to cover a specific commodity classification in a specific storage configuration. Changes such as introducing a new product line, using a different packaging material, or changing from wood pallets to plastic pallets can increase your hazard classification and render your sprinkler system inadequate to control a fire.

Also, changing the size of pallets or the way product is stacked in racking can infringe on flu space requirements, reducing the ability of the sprinkler system to control a fire. Although they can be designed to extinguish fires, systems designed to meet minimum code requirements are only expected to help control the spread of the fire until the fire department arrives to extinguish it.

The fact is, every year buildings with inadequate sprinkler systems burn to the ground. I recommend a combination of a little education and employing the services of a fire protection engineer. However, having someone on staff with some basic knowledge of the fire codes will help you ensure you get the best results from working with a fire protection engineer and allow you to quickly identify when operational changes may compromise the original fire protection design.

Balancing safety issues with operational issues is rarely a simple task. An overly cautious fire protection design may result in significant loss of storage capacity, high costs, or create ongoing maintenance issues such as those related to in-rack sprinklers without necessarily reducing your exposure to hazards. While an under designed system could mean loss of life and property. The best way to become familiar with the fire codes is to read the codebooks.

To make this a little more confusing, there are a number of organizations that publish fire codes. Individual states and municipalities will then adopt the codes put out by a specific organization. In addition, the states or municipalities can also amend the codes they adopt to include additional codes. There are also a lot of provisions left up to the discretion of the local fire chief. This new organization put out the International Fire Code International Fire Code is now available in an effort to standardize the fire codes.

For educational purposes I would recommend using this code. For the most part, all of the various codes are similar and since you should be using an expert for the detailed evaluation, I think this should be sufficient. You will find in going through the codes that in certain cases you may be referred to a separate publication for additional code information such as publications put out by the National Fire Protection Association NFPA on specifications for sprinkler systems or storage of aerosols.

While the codebooks may at first seem confusing, you can obtain a good overview of the key requirements fairly quickly. You will also quickly learn why you will need expert help when it comes to the details of determining hazard classifications and code requirements.

For information relating to warehousing, the best place to start is the section on High-Piled Combustible Storage.

Generally, high-piled combustible storage codes apply to floor or racked storage exceeding 12 feet in height, however, at the discretion of the fire chief, the codes may also apply to high hazard commodity storage exceeding 6 feet in height.

The codes use the combination of commodity hazard classifications, size of storage area square footagemaximum storage height, material handling methods, and storage configurations solid-piled storage, racked storage, shelf storage, decking type, storage height, etc.As manufactures of lift trucks develop more sophisticated products that lift full pallet loads higher and faster than previous designs allowed, buyers need to be aware of restrictive building codes that may come into play negating some of the advertised benefits of going higher.

Recently, Distribution Digest conducted research into fire sprinkler systems from the relatively narrow perspective of how high product can be stored in a warehousing or distribution facility equipped with an Early Suppression Fast Response ESFR system.

ESFR systems, introduced in the early 90s, quickly became common place throughout the U. This relatively rapid acceptance of the ceiling supported ESFR system is driven by two major benefits:.

For general merchandise and most consumer goods, ESFR systems can be used in storage areas where the stacked product height does not exceed 35 feet, and the ceiling height is 40 feet or less. This regulation, established by the National Fire Protection Association www. The actual code is established for each municipality by the local fire marshal. Companies must also check with their insurance carrier, as well as other local fire and building inspectors that may be involved.

Going up one more level to 7 loads high would put the top of product at 37 ft 2 inches, which exceeds the 35 ft code limit for ESFR and would probably require the installation of in-rack sprinklers in the flue space of the selective rack modules.

In this example — 6 pallets high is within the approved ESFR regulation. The point being that in this example, it may be difficult to justify going higher than 6 loads.

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We did find one provider of ESFR systems offering a sprinkler for 48 foot high ceilings with a maximum product height of 43 feet. This would allow for 8 loads high putting the top of product at 42 ft 6 inches. However, this is an industry first, designed for specific applications, and as far as we can tell is available only from the Reliable Sprinkler Company www.

In-rack systems consist of a conventional ceiling system, and in-rack sprinklers. Besides being more expensive, in-rack sprinkler systems can cause product losses resulting from water damage caused by accidentally breaking sprinkler heads. They may also inhibit future changes to storage rack configurations because water must be shutoff and the system drained before the racks can be dismantled and re-arranged.

Once the racks have been relocated, the pipes and sprinkler heads must be reinstalled and tested. While all of this is going on — the area is left without fire protection. However, if the existing pallet rack storage system is equipped with in-rack sprinklers, then it may be possible to increase storage capacity by going higher. In this case, the ability to go higher could yield a substantial reduction in the construction cost of either a new or expanded building.

Final Thoughts.What should your employees know before moving, handling, and storing materials?

What are the potential hazards for workers? What precautions should workers take when moving materials manually? What precautions should workers take when moving materials mechanically? What precautions must workers take to avoid storage hazards? What safeguards must workers follow when stacking materials?

in order to comply with fire safety what should the maximum height of the merchandise

What safety measures should employers take regarding conveyors? What safety measures should employers take regarding cranes? What must employers do to ensure the safe use of slings? What must employers do to protect workers who operate powered industrial trucks? What are the safety requirements for design? What are the safety requirements for modification? What safety precautions should employers and workers observe when operating or maintaining powered industrial trucks? Are there any training requirements for operators of powered industrial trucks?

Should the prevention of some injuries receive special emphasis? How can employers make their training programs more effective? What are safety and health system management guidelines?

in order to comply with fire safety what should the maximum height of the merchandise

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