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Join our mailing list and be automatically entered into our weekly drawings! Good luck! Your Email required. I have been using GoWiPe for at least a year now and it has remained very effective despite update changes. My GoWiPe strategy takes full advantage of the Earthquake spell and clan castle spell donations. In my experience, the following composition works for almost any base. Start Dominating Today! This composition is assuming that you have max level troops.

I use 4 because 3 of them will take down max level walls and it gives me an extra in case they have traps or one dies.

pekka bobat th11 troop composition

I really like including the 2 witches in my GoWiPe attacks because the skeletons will trigger some traps and soak up hits that were intended for your wizards. You can play around with how you break down your army with Clan Castle donations, but my preference is having the Golem, Wiz, and archer in there. It makes it easy for me to drop them as soon as the wall breakers take down the first layer of walls.

For this strategy the Earthquake is necessary in your Castle. This makes it a little more difficult to get them all placed in the same area as you have to click 2 different spells but allows you to take an extra elixir spell. This is my go to for GoWiPe spells.

Earthquake has been my favorite addition to the game and is killer if you learn how to use it correctly. I also try and get the enemy clan castle troops frozen with an inferno so that they do minimal damage. My general rule of thumb for GoWiPe TH10 attacks is that I want to attack from the side that will give my troops a route that is a straight line into the town hall compartment while taking out an inferno tower and the Archer Queen. Ring bases are the most difficult bases to hit with GoWiPe because if you send all of your attack force in at once they will get distracted by the ring of buildings and run around the circle instead of destroying TH, but it is possible if you can funnel correctly as shown in example.

This is a standard th10 that we have been finding in wars. On this base we are against 1 Single Target Inferno and 1 Multi Target Inferno, so we will attack from the Single target side to take it out quickly.

Again, earthquake spell placement is one of the biggest factors that will decide if your GoWiPe attack will be successful or an embarrassment. The range is 4 tiles and 4 of them will take out any level of wall. There is a big debate in the community about if the spell is worth upgrading, and I think that it is definitely worth getting for the additional building damage. With your troop placement you are trying to spread your golems out to cover as many defenses as you can while leading them toward the center compartment.

What I usually do is drop 2 golems with 4 wiz behind each on the sides of where I want my main force to go in. What this does is have the wizards clear the buildings on the outside and funnels the main attack force into the center. If wall breakers are required, I send them in at this point and send the main attack force in the hole they create.

LavaLoon Attack Strategy Easy Guide For TH9, TH10 And TH11

On this example, we have to open 3 areas on the wall red X with Wall Breakers. After a couple of seconds to give the wiz time to bring down side buildings, I drop my main attack force in this order:. Rage — I place my first rage inside the base at the entry point as soon as the pekkas get inside. The second rage I place inside the town hall compartment as soon as the golems get there. This makes the group of pekkas run around and 1 shot most of their high hitpoint core buildings.

Freeze — With freeze, it is kind of a case by case basis.

pekka bobat th11 troop composition

My intention is to get one inferno and the clan castle troops frozen with the first spell, get that inferno down during the freeze, and have the second freeze available for the next inferno. With multi-inferno towers, you want to freeze as soon as they start hitting your wizards.

If both inferno towers are positioned in a way that they are touching the Town Hall, 1 perfectly placed freeze spell will hit both of them. Our proven attack methods are guaranteed to transform your embarrassing 0 and 1 star failures into consistent 2 and 3 star masterpieces. Over the course of 1 war, our trainers will spend hours of one-on-one time with you to craft the perfect attack strategy for your current war and wars to come.

Over the course of 1 war, you will go from the bottom of the pack to the best attacker in your clan.The Mass Witch TH11 attack strategy is a very powerful tool to 3-star max th11 and th10 bases. Level 3 witches combined with the wardens aura and ability make this a really fun attack to learn.

For this Mass Witch 3-Star TH11 attack strategy you will need to be attacking a specific type of base. The base pictured above is perfect for this attack because most of the base is accessible once you get past the first set of walls. It is still possible with multi infernos, but you have to be perfect on your freezes and warden ability. Splash Damage — You want to take notice of where the splash damage buildings are.

The Ultimate Guide to GoWiPe Attack Strategy

We got lucky on this layout because he has his splash spread out around the outside of the base. Had all of his splash been protecting the core, we might have run into some trouble. Start Dominating Today! We bring 1 in our camps and 1 in our CC. I would highly suggest having max witches, not sure if it is possible to pull off with level 2.

With 12 level 3 witches you will be spawning 60 at a time and have in all running around. We bring 16 wiz in camps and 1 in CC.

You can also use in core if you are going against Multi. The skeletons will hit the haste while the witches are slowly walking behind and they will boost ahead of them and sweep up any giant bombs or other traps.

For the final Dark spell, you can pick whatever will work best for your base. If they have witches or something other than Hound in CC, bring a poison.

If they have a hound, you can bring an earthquake to take some damage out of key buildings. We are going to initiate this attack from the top. You will first drop your golem and a couple wizards to clear those army camps to create the funnel for the witches. Once your golems and wiz have a couple seconds to create the funnel, you will send your witches in. The haste will cause your skeletons to run very far ahead of the witches and help protect them.

We placed a Rage purple once the skeletons get into the base to take out the CC, wizard towers, and Eagle defense quickly. Once the single target inferno gets in range, we Freeze that and the Eagle. The eagle gets taken out before the end of the freeze. Once the eagle is gone, there arent many threats to your skeletons. They spread out and destroy the base section by section. Warden skill you want to use to protect your witches, either from giant bombs or splash damage.

Most of the action in this attack takes place in the beginning, so most of the time you will just be watching and cheering on your witches. Pay attention to hero health and use their abilities once they are getting low. Our proven attack methods are guaranteed to transform your embarrassing 0 and 1 star failures into consistent 2 and 3 star masterpieces.

Over the course of 1 war, our trainers will spend hours of one-on-one time with you to craft the perfect attack strategy for your current war and wars to come. Over the course of 1 war, you will go from the bottom of the pack to the best attacker in your clan.GoWiPe is the most popular attack strategy in Clash of Clans.

We all have heard about it but do you know how to use it properly with the most effective way? This guide is going to show you everything about this strategy! In this guides, I use some parts and screenshots from Thej. All credits go to him! Also, I will try to make it as simple as possible. A s Gos, Wis, PEs. Because of its power, by using it, getting at least 2 Stars is not hard at all.

Because this strategy costs a lot of loot, we usually just use it for either Clan War or attack at high leagues. If your Clan wins the war, you can get lots of loot bonus, so why not spend a few raids for a powerful army? A is the highest damage melee troop. Golems will be the tankers, they will be talking damage and protecting the rest army while your P.

BEST TH11 Attack Strategy for 2019 in Clash of Clans!

As and Wizards are destroying everything. Yes, you can, but it will be much less effective. Although with the same housing spaces, Giants have more HP but:. This is the best one for me, maybe it is not the best for you. If you have any ideas, please do a comment! If you want to know when you should lure the Clan troops, take a look at here.

You will not like the Inferno Towers. They are GoWiPe slayers. They can quickly kill your Golems and wipe your Wizards out. You will not like the Teslas. Four Teslas around the Town Hall can stop every single P. A in an instant. You will want to attack from the side which has Heroes and Mortars.

Vanilla tanking addons

The Heroes can always hit your troops later and the Mortars will wipe your Wizards, prevent them from going further. Another option is that you should attack from the side which has the highest damage per second buildings in the core.

OMG This Attack is So Strong! - TH 11 PEKKA BOBAT 3 Star Attack Strategy Explained - Clash of Clans

I was unable to get 3 stars sometimes just because a X-Bow stayed there and killed every single troop of my army. If the base is fully symmetrical, attacking from the side which has Town Hall is also a good choice so you can always get at least 2 Stars. At this time, most Clans use Dragon in War as the defensive troop. After luring the Dragon to the corner, drop 1 Barbarian right before its face, the Dragon will chase your Barbarian, quickly drop Wizard after the Dragon so they can hit it comfortably.

Just keep dropping Barbarian in front of it. You can kill the Dragon after a few seconds! Firstly, deploy your Golems slightly away from each other for soaking up as much damage as possible. Then, deploy your Wizards in a line right after the Golems, they will clear outside building easily.

pekka bobat th11 troop composition

Take care of the Mortars and deploy your Wall Breakers wisely to open the base. When the enemy Barbarian King comes out, drop the Rage Spell on your troops to cover them, your Wizards will take him out quickly.

If you have the Archer Queenyou can use her at this step in order to take out the enemy King faster. Also, she can snipe down any defense over the wall easily with her insane damage.

Mass Witch TH11 3-Star Attack Strategy Guide

Deploy all of your P.There are a variety of troop compositions that you can use to wreck enemy bases, and that expands once you reach Town Hall The fearsome Electro Dragon and Ice Golem are unlocked, which allows a bevy of new strategies to be added to your arsenal. We also must consider the new defenses added as well as the Eagle Artillery, and create counters for them.

However, one must remember that each strategy serves a specific purpose. In TH11, the majority of the viable attack strategies will be air-based, owing to the new troop additions, as well as the new hero, Grand Warden. Also, we will be taking an army space ofas the army camps can be upgraded to level 9. So, one must take these points into consideration, and research troops accordingly. I will also be excluding siege machines, as not all players might be able to get them at their convenience.

This is arguably one of the most common combos used in Town Hall The Electro Dragon is a flying fortress, with high HP and incredible damage, with a multi-hit chain lightning attack.

It is, however, brought down only by its slow speed. Seeing this, we must keep in mind a list of possible threats to the electro dragons. Namely, they are the air sweepers, the air defenses and the eagle artillery.

We must create our troop composition and position them so as to clear these threats. That said, the general troop composition for this strategy is 8 Electro Dragons and 4 Balloons. Electro Dragons are very easily distracted, and will go shopping for Gold Mines, Barracks etc. We must deploy the electro dragons in such a way to avoid the air sweepers, and target the eagle artillery.

This is important. The air defenses will be taken care of eventually. The following diagram depicts the strategy:. For the air defenses and inferno towers, stall them with freeze spells and push the electro dragons using rage and haste spells. This strategy is the more mainstream one of the above. The bat spells should be at least level 3, if not level 4. Now, our revised troop composition is now 7 Electro Dragons and 10 Balloons.

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This strategy has been widely propounded by various YouTubers and blog sites as an all-purpose destroyer. It can be used to combat almost all types of bases, except those which are too widely set buildings too far from each other.

Bat spells can be deployed anywhere, just like any other spell. We deploy Bat spells on the Air Defenses and use Freeze spells to counter any threats to the bats, such as Wizard Towers.Lavaloon is one of most powerful and most used strategy. If done correctly you can 3 star almost all bases. TH11 players are again using this strategy. Lavaloon is usually used for trophy pushing or in war. Some clashers use it for gold farming too. You can take out any base with this strategy. This strategy requires high-level heroes at least level 30, but If you have low heroes, you can use this strategy to 2-star bases.

It is quite easy to use. I use the following troops: Lava: I train two lavas and one lava in CC. Minions: minions Use them for cleanup. Balloons: I train loons in the remaining space. Note: You can train some wall breakers if you want to send your heroes into the core of the base. TH 3 Rages, two freeze, one poison spell and two haste spells in CC. If possible search for the bases that have infernos and xbows next to Town Hall.

This will help you to destroy Town Hall with splash damage of loons. The first and most important step is to kill castle troops first. Deploy one balloon to lure clan castle troops and take them to a corner and kill them with poison spell and Archer Queen. If the enemy queen is near the edge of base take her out with Barbarian King, this will give you a great advantage in battle.

Don't Attack from the corner this will make your balloons to regroup at a place this will get them killed with area splash of wizard tower or by multi-target inferno tower. Always Attack from the back side of air sweepers. Air sweepers can ruin your attacks if you attack from their front. Attack from the side which has the lowest level of air defenses if possible.

If the enemy has single target inferno attack without any hesitation, Multi-target infernos are dangerous for loons. Send your lavas on two air defenses and send a line of balloons right behind them. Apply rage spell on loons so that they can clean up defenses quickly.

When balloons are near inferno towers freeze them up. If a group of loons is getting splash damage from wizard tower throw heal spell on them. Correct use of spells is necessary to get the best results. Use minions to clean up the outer building.

Send in heroes to take out Town Hall. Enjoy three stars! So this was a simple Lavaloon guide. Comment below if you are facing any problems. We will be writing more guides in future so keep visiting. Clash On! Advertisement Subscribe to our newsletter to receive an email about our latest articles.Here I have another nice attacking strategy for you that works incredibly well and uses a troop that has been out of the focus of the higher Town Hall levels for some time, the PEKKA.

To make this attacking strategy work you only need to make sure that the Bowlers and the PEKKA will go into the base and then keep the Bowlers alive as much as you can — the PEKKAs are strong enough to survive on their own and this combination will wreck the base into pieces. This is the general composition to use, you should always adapt the troops that you will use for funneling with the base — normally Hog Rider or Wizards are the ones you use to make the Queen walk in the right direction more on that below.

Build a wide funnel and be rather safe than sorry and clear out the whole side with your Queen and the Healers before you send in your other troops. You have your Warden ability and your spells to keep your troops alive. As I said in the beginning, the Bowlers are the troops you need to care about most because the PEKKAs have enough hitpoints to survive the core adventure on their own — the longer you keep your Bowlers alive, the higher your chances to 3-Star the base so keep good care.

I love to play Clash of Clans since and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving. Support AllClash on Patreon here. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Username or Email Address.

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Thread Tools Show Printable Version. July 6th, 1. PHASE 1. The main army needs to take out the EA and the cc troops. PHASE 2.

Plan your opening for the funnel and the entry point for your army. Try not to deploy your E-Drag where it can be immediately be targeted by an AD or xbow. The main purpose of the king is to close the funnel. This is crucial to make sure your main army doesn't circle the base. I must forewarn you though, since you only have 2 rage spells. I like to make sure the WW breaks into the first layer of walls before dropping the healers, followed by the bowlers.

Deploy your poison spell as needed to help destroy the defensive CC troops. The location of the WTs and multi targeting infernos will determine the best choice.

Drop the bat spells adjacent to the main army on the opposite side of the base. Drop a freeze, immediately followed by the bat spells. Never let his health dip below halfway or allow any single target infernos to lock on before using the iron fist ability. If you're not careful she can go down before you use her ability, while you're deploying your bat spells and freeze spells.

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