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Quite a few people are using them with Hubitat. Note that these were released to work with their new window coverings, and they actually have a slightly shorter range than the regular Tradfri Plug-in pocket sockets. They also cost more than the pocket sockets in most countries.

So they are for a very specific purpose, usually when you want to be able to either plug them into a USB charging port or plug something that charges via USB into them. If you just want an inexpensive zigbee repeater, look at the pocket socket instead. Thanks guys.

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I have a few Xiomai sp? I have a ikea bulb connect to Philips hue not to directly to smartthing and 3 gu10 ikea bulbs to Philips, I have not bulbs directly on smartthing, I want it for Xiaomi sensor, must I have at least one ikea bulbs on smartthing?

But how to add the device? But there is a bug with custom device handlers, so definitely get rid of your current custom one for zigbee repeaters…. I have paired 2 ikea signal repeaters to smarthings, i can see one is connected to the other in the ide next hop but no sensors are connected as far as i can see… I have powered off my v3 hub twice, both times over 30mins to heal the zigbee network but no change.

Any suggestions…? JDRoberts May 4,pm 2. As JD said, they will work. SmartThings is working on official support for them. JDRoberts May 4,pm 5.

Using IKEA TRÅDFRI remote on Philips Hue system with bridge

Hello and excuse me, I have a Ikea repeater but… How can I add to smartthing?! Lot of thanks. Samsung has a default one. Lyger-uk Lyger Uk December 10,pm All Rights Reserved.Jan 11, Other. Uninterrupted, the signal range for the IKEA Gateway is 10 meters, with walls reducing this to approximately 8 meters. Depending on the floor-plan of your house this 10 meters range may sound insufficient for your requirements. ZigBee boasts several useful features, this includes:.

The final point on this list is what makes ZigBee so useful when it comes to signal range, but what is a mesh network? A mesh network allows all devices to communicate through each other with each Bulb node working out the best route back to the Gateway.

You can see an example of this topology on the right which demonstrates how the ZigBee network could work in your house—with each circle being a bulb or gateway.

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This means that even if your gateway is over 10 meters from a bulb i. Whilst you could add a bulb between them, this can be annoying or difficult. Luckily IKEA seems to have seen this scenario as a potential issue. For this, IKEA has released an inexpensive and superb solution! This repeater, just like the gateway, extends the range that your bulbs can sit in by an additional 10 meters! Additionally, IKEA also thought about the design and instead of losing a plug socket, they added a USB port allowing you to use the signal extender as a phone charger too!

Using a combination of signal repeaters and bulbs you can easily cover an extremely large area and allow the ZigBee signal to reach every extremity of your house. This is something that I would highly recommend! Future-proofing your ZigBee network will help to reduce any issues with your bulbs and will improve the response times for your existing bulbs, but will also make the process of adding new bulbs stress-free—as, if your whole house has ZigBee cover, then adding an additional bulb to your house will not be an issue!

Smart Switches and Controllers. A Gateway to control the system. ZigBee boasts several useful features, this includes: Low Power Consumption. Wide Adoption in the smart home scene. Cross Compatibility with other ZigBee devices. A Mesh Network Topology. Planning for the Future Using a combination of signal repeaters and bulbs you can easily cover an extremely large area and allow the ZigBee signal to reach every extremity of your house.

Related Posts. Subscribe To Stay Updated! Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community.

Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. Why would one buy the Signal Repeater over the Control Outlet? Both will function as an ZigBee Router, but at the same price the Control Outlet seems like a more valuable option, as it offers a button as well.

Maybe just because you don't need an controlled outlet there? Also the repeater is an USB charger for your mobile phone. SBTephan Is the Signal the same? Do you own one? I own one, it has extended the range to my garage successfully. Don't know if the signal strength is the same as the outlet.

I do not have the measuring tools for that. SBTephan You have linkquality in mqtt :. In Germany you can't buy the outlet. Therefore I have bought a signal repeater. Works fine in zigbee2mqtt, pairing was no problem, but I don't know how to configure to get status and link quality. Any ideas? On the device map it is listed. Is there a way to make him produce feedback like the CC router ping and payload?

I've tried to add something to devices. JohGub Since it is repeating I don't think it will produce any feedback. Has anyone checked if for example xiaomi end devices are happy with the signal repeater?

tradfri signal repeater hue

It looks to me that none of the xiaomi devices that I have, are willing to use the control outlet as a router. The ikea light bulbs are working fine as routers, but control outlet is being ignored. JLFN what graph? In my net 2 Xiaomi temp sensors and 1 switch are hooked on the signal repeater. Still wonder if there is a way checking repeaters state.

I have had success today with the Aqara door sensor which previously could not reach my coordinator and is now communicating via a Tradfri Outlet. I picked up 3 outlets yesterday and have distributed them around the house.

It looks like they are meshed together nicely on the networkmap, but I was hoping to see some of my other sensors move over to the new routers, which should improve the link quality. They don't seem to be doing that - apart from FrontDoor which has no choice as it can't reach the coordinator directly. Ok, it seems that after several days of playing around with all these devices, a few of xiaomi aqara devices decided to use the ikea outlet as a router.

Great stuff! If you don't need the phone charger, the control outlet is a great choice for extending the networking range.When it comes to smart lighting, Philips Hue is the market leader UK with a range of bulbs, luminaires and accessories, plus a good app and comprehensive integration to other smart systems.

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Inevitably, the question crops up… can Tradfri bulbs be used with Philips Hue? The short answer is yes as the Tradfri bulbs use the Zigbee system to communicate, just like Hue.

This article runs through those steps and the included video will show them too. Where the Tradfri bulbs really score though is on brightness.

The brightest Hue bulb is around lumens lm whereas Tradfri does lm, which is a noticeable difference. I now have three lm Tradfri bulbs in my home setup for spaces that would otherwise be too dim using Hue lights. Get a drink. I disagree. I have bought four Ikea Tradfri lm bulbs. All worked with the Tradfri hub fine, but one of them refused point blank to work with Hue.

The others have been in my setup now for over a month and work as if they were Hue bulbs. What a dreadful article. What you should be saying is how bad ikea bulbs are and are not worth using. Part 1 — Tradfri Setup Buy or borrow a Tradfri gatewaydimmer or other steering device, as Ikea calls them and bulb s. Ok, you might not need the gateway and dimmer but my experience suggests it makes life a whole lot easier you can try going to Part 3 directly. Connect up the gateway with power and a network cable.

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Wait for all three lights. Download the Ikea Tradfri app to your phone. Run the app and pair with the gateway — all you have to do is scan a QR code on the back of the gateway. Continue to the use the app to walk you through the linking process for the dimmer. Pair the dimmer with the gateway by holding down the link button until the lights on the gateway flash. Read the instructions for other steering devices.

The app will confirm correct linking. Plug the bulb into a handy lamp or light fitting and turn it on. The bulb should be lit. Again using the Tradfri app, go through the process of pairing the dimmer with the bulb. Hold the dimmer close to the bulb and press the link button.

Watch the app to confirm linking.

tradfri signal repeater hue

The bulb should now be shown in the app and can be controlled with the dimmer. Try it out to make sure. This step is important in case the bulb is an old model with incompatible firmware. Updating to the latest version will remove the incompatibility. Next, use the app to disconnect the bulb from the gateway. Follow the instructions and use the dimmer. Part 3 — Connect to Hue In the next part, you will need to be able to hold the Tradfri bulb very close to the Hue hub. Sort that out first.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.


Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. Any idea if the new Ikea Tradfri repeater wil work with Zigbee2mqtt? I will buy one next time I am there to test myself, i cant see why it wouldnt? SBTephan How do you connect it to Zigbee2mqtt?

Hi SBTephan - how is the Ikea repeater working out for you? I am thinking of getting one or two. SBTephan Thanks for the feedback. Which coordinator are you using it with? Don't know exactly what you mean.

SBTephan - the zigbee sniffer that zigbee2mqtt is talking to and the Ikea repeater is paired with. SBTephan - Thanks. I was using a CC as coordinator and CC as router. I'll go get the Ikea repeater tomorrow and try it out. Hopefully it'll have the same range or better. They are lot better looking than the CC with a big antenna sticking out of it. Koenkk - if I want to add support for the E repeater to my existing instant of zigbee2mqtt, do I just add the following to devices.

Just use the dev branch, however adding support for it doesnt really matter, the only change that you will see is that the unsupported device message isnt shown. When paired, it already functions as a router. In this case, those aren't connected I'm using the latest version 1. There's no topic either I've got only the config topic Earlier development version published the linkquality as well I can't remember the version, but it was before the warning messages before appearing in the logs.

What is the TRÅDFRI Gateway Range?

Same problem here. The router was found and added automatically but there are no updates of the device. However, the router can be seen on the network map and the link quality and online status also appears there. Tried for several hours to pair one of my Tradfri Repeaters E with my Zigbee2mqtt instance without luck.

The repeater is not even being detected it seems from the debug log output. My CC is running on Coordinator firmware version: '' - could this be the culprit and I need to be on a newer firmware version? Else, any other clues? Could it be that my Zigbee Repeater is somehow tuned to a different frequency band than my coordinator and my various client devices?Ikea is now a major player in the smart home.

That's right, the Swedish furniture giant isn't just here to help you furnish your college house with chairs. There are even smart blinds on sale as well. Ikea says its customers bought 5 million smart bulbs and accessories in the last financial year, so it's clear the furniture behemoth is going to keep adding to the line-up. This support is much-needed, as the Ikea app itself is lacking on automations or even the ability to control your kit remotely.

However, an important caveat is that you do need a hub to make everything work, which can be bought separately or in a starter kit. You can actually connect them to the Philips Hue app tooalthough that method is a little… fiddly. You might be wondering why you should consider Ikea when Philips, Lifx and the rest of the gang seem to have this market covered.

Quite simply, price. So let's get into the kit.

Ikea Trådfri guide: All you need to know about Ikea's smart lights, plugs and more

As we said, you can expect this lineup to grow throughout This is the jumping-off point. The starter kit is the most expensive thing in the range, but it'll get you up and running with a hubtwo b ulb s and a remote control. Right now the starter kit is only availab le in the US, for some reason. We're grouping the individual LED bulb s together as the difference b etween them is mostly a matter of lumens, however one important thing to know is that only one offers a range of colours, and comes with the option of a bundled dimmer.

Otherwise, when you're browsing different b ulb s, pay attention to how much variation you'll get in the white tones. The sensor can b e placed up to 30 feet away from the light with no walls b locking it and can detect motion up to 15 feet away.

Not ready to go all-in on the app or an assistant? Ikea's wireless dimmer can connect to 10 different bulb s at one time, and it comes with a two-year b attery life after which you can just swap the b attery out.

tradfri signal repeater hue

It also uses a magnet that makes it easy to mount to the wall bracket. Ikea's "wireless control outlet" is the odd one out here, in that it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the lights.

Like other smart plugs, Ikea's power switch can turn any of your other "dumb" devices into connected ones, letting you control the outlet remotely.Does repeater need to be connected to certain zigbee net or is repeater repeating any zigbee net? Signal is not good enough.

First, only devices which are connected to the same coordinator can repeat for each other. You could have four different zigbee networks in your home, but each would be distinct if each has its own coordinator.

This is also what allows for privacy when multiple apartments in one building each have home automation networks. The zigbee home automation profile, which is what SmartThings uses, only allows for one coordinator per network. And on top of that, the original Xiaomi sensors are not certified for the same profile that smartthings uses, they are really only intended for use with their own hub.

So they tend not to work well with other repeaters, anyway. But there is more discussion of that issue in the Xiaomi threads. Jani January 31,pm 1. JDRoberts January 31,pm 2. Unfortunately, the Tradfri gateway is not going to help in your situation. Jani February 1,am 3. I have to test changing ST hub location if it would help. All Rights Reserved.

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